15+ Lead generation ideas for SaaS

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Nivaasini Ganesh
Nivaasini Ganesh

When it comes to B2B SaaS lead generation, have you ever felt it is an expensive process? In spite of spending money on lead generation, if the expected leads fail to materialize, those are major worrying signs for a business.

The key to sustaining your business in this space is to develop new strategies. If you are a B2B SaaS business, you can use some of these strategies below that will help generate more leads.

Important SaaS metrics to consider for lead generation

Unlike other businesses, in SaaS, you have to develop software that solves your customer’s problems with ease, and also you have to gain the trust of your audiences.

In this juggling phase, you might find it difficult to track your business growth. SaaS metrics are benchmarks to track your business growth. Having an eye on these metrics from time to time can guide your business on the correct path.


Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the number of leads that turn to customers. If your page attracts 100 visitors every day and out of that 20 purchase your product, then the conversion rate is 20%.

 Conversion rate = no of customers/no of leads * 100

Here’s an article with some lead conversion tips and tricks if you’re interested.

Customer Acquisition Cost

CAC(Customer Acquisition Cost) is the amount you spend on marketing and sales. Lower the CAC cost, higher the profit. 

CAC = Marketing cost + sales Expense/new customers


Churn Rate

Churn rate is the number of customers joined and the number of customers left in a given time frame. Let’s consider, that 100 customers signed up and 5 customers left your business this month, then the churn rate is 5%.

Churn rate = no if customers left/no of customers joined * 100


Monthly Recurring Revenue(MRR)

Let’s consider you offer a hosting service and your offer is 20$ per month. If 10 customers sign up, your monthly revenue is 200$ per month. MRR is the total revenue your business generates every month.

MRR = Monthly charge * Total no of customers.


Annual Recurring Revenue(ARR)

ARR is the total revenue your business generates for 12 months. Let’s consider you offer a premium package for 12 months with the cost of 14$/month. Then the annual cost is 168$ per customer. Calculate the total number of customers subscribed for the premium package, this is the ARR.

ARR = Annual charge * Total no of customers.


Lead generation tools for B2B businesses



Unbounce is one of the awesome landing page builders. You can choose your favorite templates, and include SEO-rich content. They provide a 14-day free trial. 



Instapage is another option for a landing page builder. It is used to boost your site speed, improve design, optimize pages, and make the site mobile-friendly. 


This tool is to create tools and quizzes for lead generation. You can use single-page or multi-page quizzes and customize designs like checkboxes, image sliders, etc.

This platform also integrates with tools like Slack, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and many more. 


Canva helps you create and design eBooks, templates, social media posts, and many more. You can use them for your resources section on the website.


Hotjar is an interesting tool that analyses your customer’s behavior through strategies like feedback, surveys, and poll. It gives you a clear picture of what your customer likes and hates and gives recommendations to improve your site and user experience. 

HubSpot Sales

One of the most popular CRMs that helps you automatically track your customers and keeps you updated on what’s happening in sales. You can interact with your customers in an easy and organized manner. You can keep track of all the leads that are generated by your team inside the CRM.


Ways to generate leads for B2B SaaS

Create a customer persona

Creating a customer persona is the most crucial step for any business. Only when you know whom to sell to you can create a marketing campaign targeting those customers. You can create multiple buyers’ persona according to your product or service.

For instance, if your product is accounting software and your target audience is a small business owner, then imagine a fictional character in your mind. It could be a business owner or finance head of an organization. Then analyze their goals, aspirations, habits, daily work, and challenges. Hobbies, social media usage, and many more. 

After creating a customer persona, then figure out the strategies to attract the target audience. This way can make your process easier to attract quality leads than searching randomly from the crowd.


Set Smart Goals

Every business sets goals and targets. This gives them a clear vision of what to work on every day. But what makes your business different is setting SMART goals.

SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. 

Specific –Your goal should be crystal clear. 

Measurable – How will you make sure you have achieved the goal? Set up a benchmark to measure your performance.

Attainable – Do you have all the resources to attain this goal? Analyze your manpower and technology resources.

Realistic – Is this possible to achieve within a given time frame?

Timely – Set up a deadline to achieve this goal.

For eg, Get more leads for the business. 

Specific: The goal is to generate 100 leads.

Measurable: Leads will increase by 20% every month.

Attainable: It can be achieved by optimizing a website and by email marketing strategies.

Realistic: By using strategies, more traffic will be generated to the website and thereby increasing the chance of conversion rate.

Goal: Need to achieve this goal within 5 months.


Create a buyers journey

Every individual customer passes through a journey before buying a product or service. Gone are the days when the customer is impressed by amazing ads and makes a purchase. Today they have all information from the comfort of their home and can analyze the pros and cons of buying from you against your customer even before reaching out to you.

So, crafting your buyer’s journey is necessary so that you don’t miss out on your potential customer at any stage. A few popular stages of buyers’ journey are,

Awareness stage: This is the stage where the customer finds your brand through ads or social media or campaigns. 

Research stage: At this stage, they research your products or services and compare them with your competitors. 

Consideration stage: If your customer is satisfied with your product or service after research, then they will consider buying from you. 

Decision stage: After further details, if they feel that your solution satisfies their pain points or problems, they will decide to buy.

Service stage: After the purchase, if your product requires service, customers expect that service from your side. If your service is good, there is a high chance that they will purchase from you next time or recommend it to others.

Increase your site speed

The average attention span of humans is just 8.25 seconds. It is unlikely that people will wait 8.25 seconds for a website to load. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then there is a high chance that you will lose your potential customer.


Make your website mobile friendly

As per a survey conducted between 2011 to 2021, internet mobile usage has spiked from 6% to 56%. Though 50% of users use their desktop to access the internet the ratio of desktop users and mobile users is becoming almost equal.

Google has a mobile-friendly ranking update as part of its SEO search. If your website is mobile friendly then it will get a mobile-friendly ranking update in search results.


Use Video Content 

A famous quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

In recent days, “ A video is worth a million words”. Nowadays people are more comfortable with videos than words. They learn, entertain, educate, and enjoy video content. Understanding a new concept is easy through videos than by reading thousands of words.

Considering the complexity of saas solutions, you can make a video of your product or service explaining to your customers. It becomes easy for new visitors to learn about your business and solutions quickly. 

It builds trust among customers when someone from your company explains the product or service to them. According to a survey, 92% of B2-B business uses video to enhance their lead generation. You can also add a video to your landing page to increase your conversion rate by 86%.

Offer Free Trials

Offering a free trial of your product or service for a limited time can increase the chance of conversion rate. This can help your customers decide whether your solution can solve their pain points or not. 

Write blog posts

 Having blog posts on your site showcases your expertise and builds authority in your niche. It can even solve some of the burning problems faced by your customers.

When you publish blogs consistently there is 13 times more chance of lead generation in SaaS. You can write blogs about your product/service, and sales. Marketing, common FAQs. Check out this Databox post to know more about generating leads through blogs.

Guest posting

Yes, write blogs on other sites. This is a time-consuming method but sure builds your authority in your niche over some time. Write guest posts and attach the link to your site to attract more eyeballs to your business.

 Some of the important parameters to consider while writing guest blogs are,

  1.   Choose the correct site to publish your blog: Analyse to see whether the readers are your target audience. This can ensure that you are attracting the right traffic to your site.
  2.   Choose a site with high domain authority: Providing a backlink to your site there will increase the SEO of your site
  3.   Publish Quality Content: By doing this you provide more value to their audience and increase the likelihood of their audience visiting your site.


Conduct Webinars

Hosting webinars attract more leads for a B2B SaaS business in inbound lead generation marketing strategy. As per Content Marketing Institute, almost 60% of marketers use webinars to attract more leads. You can give a glimpse of your product/service or educate your target audience to develop an interest to buy.

Few ways to make your webinars more effective,

  1.  Send emails multiple times: Nowadays there are multiple things to drive away attention and it is easy for your audience to forget. So, it’s a good practice to send multiple reminder emails for the webinar.
  2.  Have a surprise element at the end: Don’t reveal your offer at the beginning of the webinar. If people get to know they are being sold after spending a good amount of time, they will drop off. Tell them that there is an offer waiting for the people who stay till the end.
  3.  Educate your audience: Just because of the offer people will not stay till the end. Educate and provide a few solutions for their problems.


Repurpose Content

Content is king. Distribution is queen. There are different social media sites to publish content. You can take this to your advantage and attract the maximum leads possible. It is not necessary to create different content for different platforms, instead repurpose your content in multiple ways.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for SaaS businesses. Since it is a platform for professionals, it works best for B2B SaaS lead generation.


Establish Partnerships

Establish partnerships with other SaaS companies to generate more inbound leads. If your business integrates with other businesses, then you are introduced to new sets of the audience then there is a higher chance of conversion rate. 

You can leverage this opportunity by collaborating on social media content, newsletters, articles, and joint case studies.


Use Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way to convince your audience to become your customers. When people hear about the journey and experience of other customers, they trust you more. It makes them more confident to purchase your product or service.

Include testimonials or reviews on your site page and landing pages to increase the trust factor with your audience. 


Increase word-of-mouth marketing 

Although word-of-mouth(did someone say dark social? ;)) marketing is an old technique, it is still a powerful way of growing your brand and building trust factor with an audience. With the increase in usage of social media, word of mouth in a positive way can make wonders for your business.

Get more testimonials and references from your customers and encourage them to refer your business. Customer is more likely to purchase a product recommended by their friends or family than try a new one. This not only builds trust but also expands your brand loyalty.


Use Chatbots

Businesses use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence features to create a chatbot to respond quickly to customers. You can customize chatbots as per your business requirements. When queries are answered quickly there is a higher chance that leads choose to pay your business.

Chatbots can be used to address queries, answer common FAQs, and book appointments. This can ease the user experience for your leads.

Create Online Ads

Due to the increase in social media usage, making online ads will create more awareness for your business. Social media platforms help businesses to post online ads for lead generation. You can create online ads about the webinar and get their email address in return. 

This method needs money to be invested. But it is worth it for a long time. The more valuable the content, the more leads will be generated.

Connect through an email sequence

People are bombarded with lots of information on the internet. Email is the only place where they see what they need. Entering their personal space effectively through a well-crafted email sequence is a smart way to be on top of their mind.

You can send emails regarding,

  1.   Providing solutions for pain points.
  2.   Explain how your product or service adds value to your customers.
  3.   A successful case study of your clients.


Wrapping Up

These are the strategies you can use for the B2B SaaS lead generation process.  Every business is unique and one strategy does not fit all. Testing different strategies for your business can help you find the best method of lead generation.

However, getting qualified leads is more important in this process. Check sales acceleration platforms like RevenueHero that can help you to get qualified leads and assign them to the right sales rep increasing the chances of conversion. 

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